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How to organize things for you pet

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How to organize things for you pet

We love our pets. They are like family members and offer us much-needed love, loyalty, and comfort. It’s no wonder that people with pets live longer, are less stressed, and have fewer health issues. But as much as we love them, we don’t always love their stuff. Try the tips below to bring organization to your life and leave more time to enjoy your pet.

  1. Create a walk station.
    Gather all of the things you need for a walk and put them in one location, preferably by the door. Use a hanging rack to easily hold Fido’s leashes and collars. Hang a basket on the rack to hold waste clean-up bags and a flashlight for nighttime walks.

  2. Locate toy bins throughout the house.
    Put all of the pet’s toys in one bin – in multiple rooms. Locate them in several rooms throughout your home where the pet spends its time. The pet will have fun looking for the toy they want and you won’t have to walk far to clean up.

  3. Store pet food and treats in reusable containers.
    Replace the standard packaging with something that fits into your storage shelf, such as an airtight plastic container. You can even find them with wheels if the container is holding a large amount of food. Be sure to include a scooper so that you can easily transfer the food to the pet’s bowl. Make it personal and fun by decorating the container with your pet’s name.

  4. Designate a container for pet grooming items.
    Pet grooming is important and often avoided just because it can be messy. Put together a pet caddy using something like a bucket. Include your pet’s brush(es), comb(s), and nail clippers, as well as any ear cleaning products, cotton balls, and shampoo.

  5. Position a drying station at the door.
    Keep wet and muddy paws under control with a washable, water-absorbing mat at the door. Some mats today are made of recycled materials that absorb water and can be thrown right into the wash. Buy another one to keep under your pet’s food and water bowls while you’re at it.

  6. Keep things clean.
    It goes without saying that these organization tips will help you keep your pets’ things tidy and organized. It can be hard, however, to keep your home clean when you have a pet. Let The Cleaning Authority help you with regularly scheduled cleans performed by our trained Professional Housecleaner. Get your free estimate today.
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